How does information get from one location to another on the internet?

To understand networking, let’s first ask…

What is a network?

A network is simply collection of devices (e.g. — computers, printers, cell phones, TVs) that can communicate with one another.

For these devices to communicate and share information, they need to be connected with each other through cables and/or wifi.

The sender and receiver…

Learning by doing

A few weeks ago I started studying Kubernetes using the Certified Kubernetes Administrator course in O’Reilly (by Sander Van Vugt). We started offering LKE (Linode Kubernetes Engine) at Linode in Spring of 2020, and it’s been a thorn in my side not understanding it well enough, being in Customer Support…

Here are the resources I’ve found most helpful as a beginner

It’s been almost two months since I started studying Python. It took time to find a rhythm with it since there are so many resources to choose from. For example, I tried Linux Academy (which I have access to through work), CodeAcademy, and a few other free options. …

Creating duplicate lists with different reference ids

The copy() function lets you make a duplicate copy of a list, while giving it a different reference id.

To help illustrate this, let’s first create a list of 1s and 0s and set it equal to a variable called binary:

>>> binary = [1, 1, 0, 1, 1, 0…

How to pack and unpack tuples

What is a tuple?

A tuple is a set of values separated by commas. For example:

'hello', 'goodbye', 'see ya later', 'good morning', 'good night'

How does a tuple differ from a list?

A tuple differs from a list in that a list is mutable (i.e. — it can be changed, added to, taken away from, etc.), whereas a tuple is immutable

Mini-learns with Python

The other day I ran into a problem asking me to provide one kind of output if an argument was given, and another if no argument was given.

For example — given a book, return the message:

My favorite book is X.

Where X is the given book.

However, if…

Mini-learns with Python 3

While learning to code it’s easy to push through from exercise to exercise, chasing the feeling of accomplishment. I find that everything sinks in more, though, if I take a moment to flesh out my thought process from time to time.

I came across a problem on Hackerrank the other…

Mini-learns with Python

In my effort to start writing again about my coding journey again, I figured I’d start jotting down small learns, or things I’d like to reinforce in my own words.

Specifically, I recently needed to iterate through both keys and values in a dictionary.

For example, here is my (fake)…

Getting back into studying coding after a long hiatus

Two-and-a-half years ago I went through a coding bootcamp where we mostly studied JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and HTML. While going through the course, I wrote a lot about what I was learning. I was lucky after the course to get a job as a customer service rep at a…

Reflections on Rob Bell’s latest book “Everything Is Spiritual”

I first heard Rob Bell speak at Wheaton college when I was a student there. The way he spoke was electrifying to me. It opened up worlds of possibility.

He said things I hadn’t given voice to. It was refreshing to hear my thoughts spoken aloud. …

Joe Cardillo

Coding, creativity, music, and books. Pianist & composer — @vontmer

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